A new DEFI 3.0
generation of protocols

“Expanding entrance of chain game , fission ecological flow , blockchain infrastructure project.” - Whitepaper

NFT is a digital asset that exists

“If you are an artist and still don't use NFT (Non-Fungible Token), you are potentially missing millions of dollars.”― Olawale Dan

What is the Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy is a blockchain infrastructure protocol for a new generation of defi 3.0 initiated by Tron Legacy Foundation and built according to the standard of BSC coin security smart chain. The token of Tron Legacy project is the parent currency ly and the sub currency pioneer. The Tron Legacy project has no pre excavation, no additional issuance and the whole people are equal. Tron Legacy currently supports multi currency liquidity mining, Dao community governance, defi protocol, distributed digital assets, gamefi, decentralized storage, NFT, cross chain interworking, etc. to build the defi 3.0 ecosystem of Tron Legacy.

GameFi Application

NFT application

New features